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ace spectrum

Ace Spectrum

Ace Spectrum comprised of:

Elliott Isaac

Aubrey 'Troy' Johnson

Rudy Gay


Henry 'Red' Zant

Originally formed in New York City, created by Ed 'Easy' Zant and Elliott Isaac, Ace Spectrum released three albums in a three year period between 1974 and 1976.

Their second album featured the production work of Patrick Adams, who was recruited to arrange a few songs on the set.

Inner SpectrumAce Spectrum

Their debut album, entitled 'Inner Spectrum', was recorded at the RCA Studio's in New York (later remixed in Philly) and included the Ashford and Simpson song 'Don't Send Nobody Else'.

Ace Spectrum did not have a main lead singer, therefore the vocal chores were equally shared amongst the group members.

The album aslo featured the Isley Brothers song 'If You Were There', along with a cover of the James Taylor melody, 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight'.

Low Rent RendezvousJust Like In The Movies

The 1975 album 'Low Rent Rendezvous' featured the group's take on the Neil Sedaka song 'Laughter In The Rain'.

Ace Spectrum's 12" single, 'Keep Holding On' (recorded in 1975) is credited as the 5th actual 12" single release since the format's conception.

The third release featured the song 'Just Like in the Movies', which was covered by the group Bloodstone, along with two part composed tracks written by J.R. Bailey.

'Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You' was one of these songs, later recorded by Isaac Hayes and Millie Jackson, amongst others.

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Inner Spectrum (Atlantic Records 1974)

Low Rent Rendezvous (Atlantic Records 1975)

Just Like The Movies (Atlantic Records 1976)

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