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I have always dreaded this moment, however, over the last year I have spent a great deal of time working on day to day things that have not brought in any income, the culmination of which was the last server providers sending me bills, way over and above the amounts we agreed, almost every week (stands at 10 times the amounts stated at their website currently). This was due to the amount of visitors coming to the site. Their small print states 'the chances of you exceeding your bandwidth is highly unlikely'.

This stuff was followed by a massive bill of over $30,000 for some domestic work we weren't informed about elsewhere (long story that I don't want to bore you with). The previous web providers are still sending me bills for a website that doesn't exist on their servers anymore and they no longer own my webname! That was transferred over a month ago. This all means, if you get no hits at your site at all, you still get excessive traffic extra's, whether you are with the company or not! Mad World. I will have to fight them I guess.

The new providers seem to be less opportunistic. I understand them and I like the fact they are Stateside and host several Soul Music websites. Coming home if you like.

Friends and family kept asking me to get the site to make some money, and so, to keep on working at the place, the money has to come from someplace. I don't want to make a massive amount from the site. Just enough to make ends meet, that's all.

I never wanted the site to make any profit, as the industry then starts to pursue you. Donations are a different matter, as I would not be making money from the Artists out there or the industry, just relying on individual good will, that's all.

None of this is compulsory, of course. Just something to help to cover the costs of running the site. The more donations that arrive here, the less I have to rely on my design work, the more I can work on Soulwalking.

Anyhow, as I understand things, all you need is my e-mail address, if you do want to contribute to Soulwalking. I have set up an account at Pay Pal. The e-mail address here is:

5 years of making nothing from the site (and it costing me money to run), well I feel very guilty in passing out the proverbial begging bowl. Many artists and companies have made some money from the promotional work at the site, so I guess maybe I shouldn't feel too guilty in pushing the financial boat out. Probably be threatened with being sued by some company or other out there now! LOL.

If any of you do make a donation, well I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Toby Walker 18.1.06.

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