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robert knight

Robert Knight

b. Robert Peebles, 24th April 1945, Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.A.

d. 5th November 2017, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Robert Knight was born in Franklin, Tennessee.

He is best known for the songs ‘Love On A Mountain Top’, ‘My Rainbow Valley’, and, his most famous song, the 1967 release, ‘Everlasting Love’.

Success with the latter song was overshadowed, in the U.K., by the version recorded by the Love Affair.

As a teenegaer, Robert attended Tennessee State University.

He was an original member of the group the Paramounts between 1960 and 1963, (whose line-up featured Robert Knight, Clarence Holland, Richard Sammonds, Neil Hooper and Kenneth Buttrick).

Robert KnightRobert Knight

‘congratulations’ b/w ‘why do you have to go’ and ‘when you dance’ b/w ‘year 17'

The Paramounts were signed to the Dot Records imprint in 1960, recording in 1961, the singles ‘Congratulations’ b/w ‘Why Do You Have To Go’ and ‘When You Dance’ b/w ‘Year 17’.

Robert KnightRobert Knight

'free me’ b/w ‘the other half of man’ / 'because’ b/w ‘dance only with me’

Robert recorded a couple of solo sides at the time, which were ‘Because’ b/w ‘Dance Only With Me’ and ‘Free Me’ b/w ‘The Other Half Of Man’.

Between 1964 and 1967, Robert became part of the group the Fairlanes, (whose line-up featured Robert Knight, Danny Boone, Lehman Keith, Jack Jackson, Tommy Smith and Jim Tate).

Whilst performing with the group in Nashville, Robert was offered a contract as a solo artist by the Rising Sons imprint.

Robert KnightRobert Knight

everlasting love - 1967 / love on a mountain top - 1971

His first release for the label was ‘Everlasting Love’ b/w ‘Somebody's Baby’ in 1967.

The song was written by label owners Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden, which reached number 14 on the U.S. R&B chart.

A year later a version, recorded by the U.K. group the Love Affair reached No. 1 in the U.K. National Chart, halting chart progression for the version recorded by Robert.

Robert Knight

He recorded three more sides for Rising son, which were ‘Blessed Are The Lonely’ b/w ‘It's Been Worth It All’ (in 1967), ‘Love On A Mountain Top’ b/w ‘Power Of Love’ (in 1968) and ‘My Rainbow Valley’ b/w ‘Sandy’ (in 1968).

In 1973, Robert climbed the U.K. Singles Chart again with ‘Love on a Mountain Top’, the success of which led to a re-release of ‘Everlasting Love’ which reached the Top 20.

Robert recorded for a few further imprints, including Bell (1969), Eastway (1969), Elf (1968-1969), Monument (1974) and Private Stock (1975-1976).

In 1974, he released ‘Better Get Ready For Love’ b/w ‘Somebody's Baby’ which reached number 53.

Robert Knight

‘Everlasting Love’ has become a pop classic, covered by several artists, including Carl Carlton, Rex Smith/Rachel Sweet, and Gloria Estefan.

Robert passed away, after a short illness, in Tennessee in 2017.

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Everlasting Love (Rising Sons Records 1967)

Love On A Mountain Top (Monument Records 1971)

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