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johnny sayles

Johnny Sayles

b. Johnny Sayles, 9th February 1937, Winnsboro, Texas, U.S.A.

d. 17th August 1993, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Johnny Sayles was an R&B singer from Texas.

By the time he was 18 years old, Johnny relocated to St. Louis and worked with Eugene Neal’s Rocking Kings.

He also performed with Ike Turner in his group the Kings Of Rhythm in 1958.

Between 1959 and 1961, Johnny had his own band (The Johnny Sayles Band), which performed at Chuck Berry’s Paradise Club.

Johnny took a break from music in 1962, studying in Houston.

The following year he joined the Five Dutones, performing on their Review tour.

Johnny took on the role of ‘Little’ Johnny Taylor, who had an R&B number 1 hit with ‘Part Time Love’.

Johnny SaylesJohnny Sayles

don't turn your back on me b/w you told a lie - 1963 / my love's a monster b/w never let me go - 1965

He signed for the Mar-V-Lus imprint in 1963, releasing a debut 45 entitled ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Me’ b/w ‘You Told A Lie’.

Johnny’s follow up single ‘You Did Me Wrong’ b/w ‘Got You On My Mind’ was released in 1964.

Further Mar-V-Lus releases followed, including ‘Tell Me Where I Stand’ and ‘The Girl That I Love’.

Johnny then joined a Lou Rawls show in Alaska, and switched labels to the Chi-Town imprint, working with the producer Monk Higgins.

His first Ch-Town 45 was ‘Nothing But Hard Rocks’ b/w ‘The Concentration’ in 1965.

Johnny SaylesJohnny Sayles

i can't get enough (of your love) b/w hold my own baby - 1967 / food stamps b/w food stamps rap - 1983

Johnny went on to record for several other labels, including St Lawrence, Dakar, Chess and Minit Records.

At Minit, he released ‘Anything For You’ b/w ‘Deep Down In My Throat’, with ‘Anything’ going on to be popular on the U.K.’s Northern Soul circuit.

At Dakar, he released the single ‘Somebody’s Changing My Sweet Baby’s Mind’ b/w ‘You're So Right For Me’ in 1969.

Johnny SaylesJohnny Sayles

man on the inside - 1973 / reissue with fred hughes 'baby boy' - 1999

Later, at Dakar, Johnny released his only LP, ‘Man On The Inside’, in 1973.

A further single, entitled 'Food Stamps', was released in 1983 on the Now Sounds Records imprint.

Johnny Sayles

Sadly, Johnny Sayles passed away from a heart attack in 1993.

Several excellent retrospectives of his back catalogue have been released in recent years.

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Mar-V-Lus 6000 - Don't Turn Your Back On Me / You Told A Lie – 1963

Mar-V-Lus 6000 - Don't Turn Your Back On Me / You Told A Lie – 1963

Mar-V-Lus 6001 - Got You On My Mind / You Did Me Wrong - 1964

Mar-V-Lus - I'm Satisfied -1965

Mar-V-Lus - Tell Me Where I Stand - 1966

Chi-Town 001/002 - Nothing But Hard Rock's/ The Concentration - 1965

Chi-Town 003 - My Love's A Monster / Never Let Me Go - 1965

Minit 32003 - Deep Down In My Throat / Anything For You - 1966

St. Lawrence 1024 - I Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)/ Hold My Own Baby - 1967

Chess / Lakeside 2012 - Teardrops / Hold My Own Baby - 1967

Chess 2033 - Lilly Mae / I'm Just What She Wants - 1967  

Dakar 607 - Somebody's Changing (My Sweet Baby's Mind) / You're So Right For Me - 1969

D. H. C. 104 -  Lilly Mae - 1969

Brunswick 55473 - My Love Ain't No Love Without Your Love / Good Golly - 1972

New Sound 8310 - Food Stamps / Food Stamps - 1983


Man On The Inside (Dakar Records 1973)

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