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deon jackson

Deon Jackson

(b. Deon Jackson, 26th January 1946, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. d. 19th April 2014, Wheeling, Illinois, U.S.A.)

Deon Jackson was an R&B singer and songwriter, who hailed from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

He was also an accomplished clarinetist and drummer.

Born in Ann Arbor, in 1946, Deon was part of several bands whilst he attended Ann Arbor High School.

Deon was signed by the producer Ollie McLaughlin whilst he was still at the School.

Deon JacksonDeon Jackson

Hush, Little Baby b/w You Said You Loved Me - 1964 / Come Back Baby b/w Nursery Rhymes - 1964

Ollie took Deon to the Atlantic Records imprint in 1964, releasing ‘Hush, Little Baby’ b/w ‘You Said You Loved Me’ as his debut release.

Deon released one further 45, called ‘Come Back Baby’ b/w ‘Nursery Rhymes’ in the same year.

A final Atlantic single entitled ‘Someday The Sun Will Shine’ was never released.

Both Deon’s Atlantic sides were local hits in Michigan.

He then switched labels to the Carla Records imprint, releasing ‘Love Makes The World Go 'Round’ b/w ‘Hello Stranger’ in 1964.

This release was supported by a heavy tour schedule that year.

‘Love Makes the World Go Round’ became a pop hit (number 11), and was followed by several other Carla singles, running up until 1968.

The song also reached number 3 on the R&B singles chart.

Deon JacksonDeon Jackson

Love Makes The World Go Round - 1966

An album, entitled ‘Love Makes the World Go Round’ was released as part of the Carla Records series, on the ATCO imprint.

Deon Jackson

I'll Always Love You’ b/w ‘Life Can Be That Way - 1972

In 1972, Deon released one single for the Shout label, entitled ‘I'll Always Love You’ b/w ‘Life Can Be That Way’, a song co-written by Leroy Hutson, after which Deon’s recording career came to an end.

Deon was still living and performing in the Chicago area long after his Sixties career finished.

He later became a teacher and counselor in the Wheeling, Illinois, school district.

Deon Jackson passed away, in his sleep, on the 18th of April 2014, at the age of 68.

Deon Jackson

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Love Makes The World Go Round (ATCO Records 1966)

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