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c.l. blast

C.L. Blast

b. Clarence Lewis (a.k.a. Little Junior Lewis, Junior Lewis), 20th August 1934, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

d. 26th February 2016, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.

Born in in Birmingham, Alabama, Clarence Lewis graduated from Parker High School in 1954.

That year, he recorded for Bobby Robinson's Red Robin label in New York, under the name of Clarence 'Junior' Lewis.

In 1955, he was drafted into the Army and toured military bases for two years, entertaining troops.

When he left the Army, he returned to New York and recorded ‘Cupid's Little Helper’ for Fury Records in 1960.

(you're just my speed) and that's all I need b/w come on back where you belong - 1960 / can she give me fever b/w your heart must be made of stone - 1960

He recorded two debut singles as ‘Little Junior Lewis’ that year.

Clarence then signed with Columbia Records in 1961 and recorded five singles under the name of ‘Junior Lewis’ between 1961 and 1963.

These included 'Hear What I Say', Tears On My Face', Forty Days and Forty Nights, Please send Me Someone To Love' and Raise Your Hand', for the Columbia, ATCO and Scepter imprints.

In the 1960’s he also performed with the Birmingham musician, Erskine Hawkins and his band, at the Minton Playhouse in Harlem.

In 1964, he relocated back to Birmingham and opened a lounge and record store in North Birmingham called ‘The Players Lounge and One-Stop Record Shop’.

Clarence then went on to record under the name ‘C.L. Blast’ from 1967 onwards.

He signed to Atlantic Records, releasing ‘I’ll Take The Case’ b/w ‘If I Could See My Baby's Face Again’ in 1969.

In 1971 he released ‘What Can I Do (When My Thrill Is Gone)’, for the United Records imprint.

Between 1976 and 1984, Clarence worked with the singer Frederick Knight.

C.L. BlastC.L. Blast

i wanna get down - 1980 / made in africa - 1982

In 1980, C.L. Blast released a debut album under that name entitled, ‘I Wanna Get Down’ for the Atlantic Cotillion Records imprint.

Success of the album led to a tour in South Africa, where he toured for several months.

He released the album 'Made In Africa' for WEA International, whilst he was in the country.

C.L. Blast

c.l. blast - 1984

In 1984, he released a self titled album for the Park Place imrpint, which featured his most famous song 'Lay Another Log on the Fire'.

Clarence settled in Birmingham, and sang gospel in local churches.

C.L. Blast died (at the age of 81) in 2016.


I Wanna Get Down (Cotillion Records 1980)

Made In Africa (WEA International Records 1982)

C.L. Blast (Park Place Records 1984)

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