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billy butler

Billy Butler

b. William E. Butler, 7th June 1945, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

d. 1st April 2015, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Born in Chicago in 1945, Billy Butler was a singer/songwriter, whose career was at its peak during the Sixties and Seventies.

Billy is Jerry Butler's younger brother.

Whilst still at school, Billy helped form the group, Billy Butler and The Four Enchanters.

The group featured Billy, along with Errol Batts (tenor), John Jordan (second tenor), Jesse Tillman (baritone) and Alton Howell (bass).

Signing to Okeh Records in 1963, he collaborated with Carl Davis and Curtis Mayfield (Curtis on production).

His initial backing group were called The Chanters, (a version of the Enchanters).

Billy Butler

the chanters

The Chanters line-up was Billy Butler, Errol Batts and Jesse Tillman.

Billy ButlerBilly Butler

‘Lady Love’ b/w ‘Found True Love’ - 1963 / ‘Gotta Get Away’ b/w ‘I’m Just A Man' - 1964

Their first single was released in 1963, entitled (the self penned) ‘Lady Love’ b/w ‘Found True Love’.

The follow up was released in 1964, entitled ‘Gotta Get Away’ (penned by Curtis Mayfield) b/w ‘I’m Just A Man’.

In 1965, Billy’s group saw their first chart success with ‘I Can't Work No Longer’ (also penned by Curtis Mayfield) b/w ‘My Heart Is Hurtin’’.

The single reached number 6 on the U.S. Billboard Black Singles chart and number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After the hit the group disbanded in 1966.

Billy ButlerBilly Butler

right track - 1966 / hung up on you - 1973

Billy scored a solo hit with ‘The Right Track’ (later to become a huge Northern soul hit), after which he left the Okeh imprint.

Billy Butler

billy butler and infinity

He then formed a new group called Billy Butler & Infinity.

The group featured Billy Butler, Errol Batts, Phyllis Knox and Larry Wade.

Infinity achieved three minor R&B hits, which were ‘Get on the Case’ b/w ‘Keep It To Yourself’ (number 41 R&B, Fountain Records in 1968), ‘I Don't Want To Lose You’ b/w ‘Free Yourself’ (number 38 R&B, Memphis Records in 1970), and ‘Hung Up On You’ b/w ‘(What Do You Do) When Your Baby's Gone’ (number 48 R&B, Pride Records in 1973).

Billy Butler

sugar candy lady - 1977

Billy also penned songs for his brother, Jerry, Major Lance and Gene Chandler.

In 1977, Billy released the album 'Sugar Candy Lady' for the Curtom Records imprint.

For a while, Billy played guitar in his brother’s band.

Billy, sadly, passed away in late March, 2015.

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Right Track - (Okeh Records 1966)

Hung Up On You (Pride Production Records 1973)

Sugar Candy Lady (Curtom Records 1977)

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