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where are they?


Where Are They?



A week or so ago, I was talking with Dave Godin regarding the plight of Jimmy Diggs of the Knight Brothers. Jimmy was / is homeless, however he is surrounded by some great people who are looking after him right now. Dave compiles some excellent CD's along with Ady Croasdell at Ace Records. Ace are brilliant at ensuring that, the artists featured on their compilations, receive their royalties and, indeed, actively help these guys if they have fallen on hard times. Dave is, currently, putting together another of his fine 'Deep Soul Treasures' compilations. One performer that Dave wants to feature on his next CD is the artist Jimmy Robbins. They have tried every avenue open to them, at Ace, without success. Dave asked me if I might add a page at the site, in order to send out a message to any of these great singers that, they ought to be aware their material is being re-issued. I thought that it may be a good idea that I might post any other artists that people are trying to track down here. The Net is a great place that brings the artist closer to their audience, as well as a great place enabling the performer with receiving their well earned dues. Money for the artist, more music for the audience. O.K. Here goes....


Frederick Knight Musician




I received in this e-mail and imagery this week. Anyone any idea's?

'Hi my name is Allison and I am from Birmingham, Alabama. I have been searching for ways to find people that knew my Dad and have recently found that he played bass for Frederick Knight in the 70's.

His name was Randy Carmichael and I really need to meet people that knew him and maybe also have pictures or videos.

I never met my Dad and he passed away in 1981. I have come to a time in my life where these things really bother me and I really just want to know more about Randy. Can you help me? Allison Jenkins'

If anyone does have any information, I will pass it on. Thank you.


December 2018


The request above is over 10 years old right now, and unfortunately, I have lost communication with Allison.

If you return to this page, Allison, please read this. I have this person's details here.


"I googled my old friend, bass player Randy Carmichael last night, and your very interesting site came up. You published a note from his daughter, Allison Jenkins, looking for anyone who knew Randy. I was the sound mixer for 2 bands that Randy was in during the early 70’s. I’d be happy to talk to Allison about her Dad. Randy was a great bass player, and a very good guy. I think I can also help her find more of Randy’s bandmates. Please pass my contact info on to her. My email is .... Thanks for your very interesting site, and the effort expended. Well done you!"


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Jimmy Robbins (a.k.a Jimmy Robins)


He sang 'I Made It Over' and 'I Can't Please You'. Jimmy may reside in the Los Angeles area. Jimmy will have some royalties due to him if these songs are included on Dave's next compilation.


Deep Soul Treasures V1Deep Soul Treasures V2Deep Soul Treasures V3


Deep Soul Treasures V4


...found him!...


Sadly after Dave got his tune, he passed away. He saw the release of this before his passing, however, and even signed a copy for me, bless him. Check his page at the site. Bessie Banks wrote a lovely message she e-mailed to me, which was read out at Dave's 'leaving doo' (only arrived the morning before I travelled to his funeral) Dave Godin


Robin's Nest


jimmy robins club


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Luther Ingram


Luther Ingram


A musician who used to work with Luther called Brian l. Menten is trying to contact the man. I have a number here if Luther wants to get in touch.


...sadly luther died earlier this year...


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Terry Ronald


I had an e-mail from Ralph Tee at Expansion Records who is trying to locate Terry. Guess there may be a little business in the pipeline. Terry sang the song 'What the child needs' a few years back.


..found him!


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Joseph 'Lucky' Scott


Joseph Scott


I had an e-mail from a journalist called Bill Murphy who wrote:


'I'm a freelance writer based in New York, and I contribute to a number of different US magazines, among them Remix, Future Music, Guitar World and GW's Bass Guitar. It's for the latter mag that I'm researching a profile on Joseph "Lucky" Scott, who as you probably know played bass with Curtis Mayfield throughout the '70s. Thus far I've been unable to retrieve anything about his whereabouts today (or whether he's even still alive)...if you can help me track him down, I would really appreciate this.'


Any idea's in how we can help Bill?


then this e-mail came in. Not good news...


'Hello, I was looking at your website and saw that someone was looking for info on Joseph 'Lucky' Scott. Lucky is my wife's first cousin. Sam Gooden of the Impressions is her father. Lucky passed away several years ago from a heart condition. He was out of state playing with a gospel group and was hospitalized. He seemed fine and returned home to a local hospital and suprisingly passed away the next day.Hope this info helps.
Darryl Griffin'


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Rosetta Hightower Green (The Orlons)


The Orlons


I, also had an e-mail from Marcia Tutt, who is a relative of Mrs.Green. Her middle name is Jeanette, which was Rosetta's mother's name. Her father's name was Robert Tutt, Mrs. Green's cousin, and her mother's name is Geraldine Tutt. Marcia is currently serving in the U.S. Army, with a possible deployment to Iraq very soon, and her family just wants to know how she is doing, and that she has relatives in Philly, and South Carolina who still wonder about her. Anyone help find Rosetta?


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Does anyone know the whereabouts of Cal Waymon? His friend Bobby Bowens wants to get in touch.


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Carolyn Sullivan a.k.a Cresa Watson


I, also had an e-mail from someone enquiring after the whereabouts of Carolyn. She recorded the song 'Dead' for the Philips imprint. The enquirer wanted to find out what happened to her, that's all.


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Tamiko Jones


Tamiko Jones


I had an e-mail from a writer at the All Music Guide, who wanted to speak with Tamiko Jones. He edits the Bobby Hebb website and wanted to interview Tamiko as she collaborated with Bobby during the past. Anyone know of Tamiko's whereabouts thesedays?


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Ann Sexton


Ann Sexton


I know a U.K. label who are curious as to what Southern Soul Singer Ann Sexton is up to thesedays. She has a compilation out that has just hit the streets.


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Jackson SistersJackson Sisters


The Jackson Sisters


A friend of mine is writing some sleevenotes for an upcoming compilation regarding the group the Jackson Sisters, who sang the rare groove 'I Believe In Miracles'. He would like to speak to them in order to hear their story. Any ideas?


...found them!...


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The Sylvers


the sylvers


Foster Sylvers


I, also had an e-mail from someone enquiring where and what Foster Sylvers is up to right now. Anyone know?


you can e-mail me here



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