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great soul tracks from previous years...











R KellyCody ChesnuttKaryn White


YouTube 1. believe that it's so - r kelly

(taken from the album 'Write Me Back' on Sony Records 2012)


2. til i met thee/chips down/scroll call/ love is more than a wedding day - cody chesnutt

(taken from the album 'Landing On A Hundred' on One Little Indian Records 2012)


3. heaven / sista, sista (acoustic version) - karyn white

(taken from the album 'Carpe Diem' on Music Access Inc. Records 2012)


4. this happiness / open eyes / puzzle of life - papik

(taken from the album 'Music Inside' on Irma Records 2012)


5. on my way to harlem / when did you learn? - gregory porter

(taken from the album 'Be Good' on Motema Records 2012)


6. distance / over you / it's over now - tatiana ladymay mayfield

(taken from the album 'A Portrait of Ladymay' on Sparks Records 2012)


7. giving / the sun - rhonda dorsey

(taken from the album 'Chocolate Sound' on Rhonda Dorsey Records 2012)


8. all in you / letterhead life - kylie auldist

(taken from the album 'Still Life' on Tru Thoughts Records 2012


9. summer's day - drizabone soul family

(taken from the album 'The Recipe Of Life' on Soul Family Records 2012)


10. travellin' song - quantic with alice russell

(taken from the album 'Look Around The Corner' on Tru Thoughts Records 2012)


11. if god's people / favor / duty driven - lanette hester

(taken from the album 'Favor on LaNette Hester Records 2012)


12. everything - rob white

(taken from the album 'Just Kickin' It'' on Orpheus Records 2012)


13. dat thang - club des belugas (feat. brenda boykin)

(taken from the album 'Forward' on Chirchin Records 2012)


14. sunday morning - soul trend

(taken from the album 'Groovy Nights' from iTunes 2012)


15. beautiful disguise - orly

(taken from the album 'Distraction' on OrlySings Records 2012)


16. friday night - regina troupe

(taken from the album 'Lover 4 Life' on Cowhead Music Records 2012)


17. beautiful design - marlon saunders

(taken from the album 'Soul: Spirit Opening Up Lovingly' on Black Honey Records 2012)


18. eyes for you - daryl hall

(taken from the album 'Laughing Down Crying' on Verve Forecast Records 2012)


19. my love is real - fred hammond (feat. frank mccomb)

(taken from the album 'God, Love & Romance' on Verity Records 2012)


20. he is - jeff bradshaw

(taken from the album 'Bone Appetit' on Hidden Beach Records 2012)






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Ronnie McNeirJenny JamesTracy Cruz


1. Forever My Love / Said I Do / Sweet Grandmother Of Mine - Ronnie McNeir

(taken from the album 'Living My Life' on MMand Music Records 2011)


YouTube 2. Love 101 - Jenny James

(taken from the album 'Aspiring 2 B Me' on QDB Music 2011)


3. Love's Galaxy/Happy/Struggle Reprise/Mind Travel - Tracy Cruz

(taken from the album 'Universoul Symphony' on Ivory Sky Music Co. Records 2011)


4. Then It's Over - Electric Empire

(taken from the album 'Electric Empire' on Electic Empire Inc. 2011)


5. Whisper In The Wind - Betty Wright

(taken from the album 'Betty Wright: The Movie' on S-Curve Records 2011)


6. I Will Stand By You - Alicia Myers

(taken from the album 'Peace Of Mind' on Love Town Music 2011)


7. Let's Make It To Love - Kim Burrell

(taken from the album 'The Love Album' on Shanachie Records 2011)


8. Touch Me Again - Bridgette Bryant

(taken from the album 'Soulmate Collection' on Bridgette Bryant Boutique Records 2011)


9. Make It Last - DJ Jazzy Jeff featuring Ayah

(taken from the album 'Back For More' an Internet Download 2011)


10. I Won't Hurt You - JMay

(taken from a single @ iTunes 2011)


11. Survive / Homecoming Glory - Mary Mary

(taken from the album 'Something Big' on Sony Records 2011)


12. 1986 - Ely Bruna

(taken from the album 'Remember The Time' on La Douce Records 2011)


13. Planet Earth - Eddie Sea

(taken from the album 'The Velvet Lounge' on Eddie C Life Music 2011)


14. Do You Feel Like I Feel - Nicola Conte

(taken from the album 'Love And Revolution' on Decca Records 2011)


15. Characters Of Our God - Frank McComb

(taken from the album 'A New Beginning' on Boobescoot Records 2011)


16. Happiness/Lost/That Same Old Line/If You Only - Jonathan Jeremiah

(taken from the album 'Solitary Man' on Island Records 2011)


17. You're Fine - Phil Geston

(taken from the album 'Love Is Finally Here' on Phil Geston Records 2011)


18. Greatest Lover - Heston

(taken from the album 'Warm Human, Cold World' on Dome Records 2011)


19. I Want You To Stay - Marsha Ambrosius

(taken from the album 'Late Nights & Early Mornings' on J Records 2011)


20. Body Language - Anthony David

(taken from the album 'As Above, So Below' on Dome Records 2011)






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Charles Big Daddy StallingsAl OliveDorian Wright


1. I Wanna Dance - Charles 'Big Daddy' Stallings

(taken from the album 'Blues Party' on Tai Jeria Records 2010)


2. L.O.V.E - Al Olive

(taken from the album 'Dream' on Al Olive / CD Baby Records 2010)


3. Catch My Fall - Dorian Wright

(taken from the album 'Mind Full Of Music' on L Records 2010)


4. Melodies - Jameil Aossey

(taken from the album 'The Euphonious Suite' on Aossey Entertainment Records 2010)


5. Excuse Me - Jazmine Sullivan

(taken from the album 'Love Me Back' on J-Records 2010)


6. Slow Down - Al Olive

(taken from the album 'Soul Togetherness 2010' on Expansion Records 2010)


7. Made A Choice - Karen Clark Sheard

(taken from the album 'All In One' on Karew Records 2010)


8. Say You'll Go - Janelle Monae

(taken from the album 'Archandroid' on Atlantic Records 2010)


9. Aretha - Rumer

(taken from the album 'Seasons Of My Soul' on Atlantic Records 2010)


10. Always Come Back - Carmichael

(taken from the album 'Fantasy Rain' on One Mic Music Records 2010)


11. I Still - Faith Evans

(taken from the album 'Something About Faith' on Prolific Music Group Records 2010)


12. I Want It - Soul Talk

(taken from the album 'Soul Talk' on Soul Talk Records 2010)


13. He Awaits - Joy Dennis

(taken from the album 'Music Is' on Joy Dennis Records 2010)


14. Draw Me Nearer - Catina Rosemond

(taken from the album 'Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken' on Selah Jah Records 2010)


15. The Way - Orly

(taken from the album 'Orly' on CD Baby / Orly Records 2010)


16. Love and Lust - Russoul

(taken from the album 'People Need Love' on Pike Unlimited Records 2010)


17. You Don't Shock Me Anymore - Cee Lo Green (feat. Gnarls Barkley)

(taken from the album 'Stray Bullets' on OnSmash Records 2010)


18. What Hurts You - Carmen Rodgers

(taken from the album 'The Bitter Suite' on Candigirl Records 2010)


19. Amazing - Ernest Wilson

(taken from the album 'Amazing' on Triple O Productions Records 2010)


20. Beautiful Day - Soul Biscuits

(taken from the album 'Randy Muller Presents' on Plaza Records 2010)






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Michael JacksonGeorgia Anne MuldrowDarien


YouTube 1. Someone Put Your Hand Out / The Way You Love Me - Michael Jackson

(a-side taken from a Pepsi 1991 promo cassette, b-side taken from the 'Invincible' unreleased sessions. Both released on box sets, on Universal Records 2009, and both are the man at his finest)


2. Child Of The Sun - Georgia Anne Muldrow

(taken from the album 'Early' on Animated Cartunes Records 2009)


3. Think Sometimes - Angie Stone

(taken from the album 'Unexpected' on Stax Records 2009)


4. Step In - Jeff Majors

(taken from the album 'Sacred Eight' on Music One Records 2009)


5. Fear Of Love - Tuomo

(taken from the album 'Reaches Out For You' on Jupiter Records 2009)


6. Composure - Darien

(taken from the album 'If These Walls Could Talk' on Righteous Music Records 2009)


7. What's A Guy Got To Do? - Jonathan Jeremiah

(taken from the EP 'What's A Guy Got To Do' on Universal Records 2009)


8. Nothing Feels Better Than You - 45 Featuring AKA Swing-O

(taken from the album 'Revenge of the Soul' on Origami Records 2009)


9. Family Reunion - George Benson

(taken from the album 'Songs & Stories' on Concord Records 2009)


10. My Dream Came True (featuring Leon King) - Root Soul

(taken from the Japanese album 'Root Soul' on Geneon Records 2009)


11. This Girl - Cookin On 3 Burners

(taken from the album 'Soul Messin' on Freestyle Records 2009)


12. A Strange Arrangement - Mayer Hawthorne

(taken from the album 'A Strange Arrangement' on Universal Records 2009)


13. The Rose & Thorn - Teena Marie

(taken from the album 'Congo Square' on Stax Records 2009)


14. His Dream - Asher Roth

(taken from the album 'Asleep In The Bread Aisle' on Universal/Motown Records 2009)


15. Music Land - Donnie Williams and Park Place

(taken from the album 'The Power' on Chumpchange Records 2009)


16. Picture You The Way That I Do - Oleta Adams

(taken from the album 'Let's Stay Here' on Koch Records 2009)


17. Can't Keep Runnin - 76º West Band

(taken from the album '76º West Band' on MylesMusic Records 2009)


18. Comfort Zone - Trish Andrews

(taken from the album 'These Five Words' on 2009)


19. I'll Never Stop Loving You - Melinda Doolittle

(taken from the album 'Coming Back To You' on Genius Entertainment 2009)


20. Hold On To You - Darrius Willrich

(taken from the album 'Can't Get Enough' on Critical Sun Recordings 2009)






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The Chestnut BrothersLalah HathawayPeven Everett


YouTube 1. Choose Your Destiny - The Chestnut Brothers.

(taken from the Abdul 215 Entertainment Records album 'RetroSoul' 2008)


2. That Was Then - Lalah Hathaway

(taken from the Stax Records album 'Self Portrait' 2008)


3. Miss Chicago - Peven Everett

(taken from the Peven album 'Sincerely Yours' 2008)


4. All I Say, All I Do - Swing Out Sister

(taken from the Swing Out Sister album 'Beautiful Mess' 2008)


5. Did You Ever Love Me? - Deborah Cox

(taken from the Deco Recording Group Records album 'The Promise' 2008)


6. Dirt - Mary Mary

(taken from the Sony Records album 'The Sound' 2008)


7. You Bring Me Joy - Jimmy Abney

(taken from the Yoruba Records album 'Return To Forever' 2008)


8. Dream's Life Ocean - Touch Of New York

(taken from the Touch Of New York album 'Touch Of New York' 2008)


9. We Got Love - Tom Jones

(taken from the S Curve Records album '24 Hours' 2008)


10. Gotta Soul (two step remix) - Cynthia Jones

(taken from the Kingdom Records album 'Gotta Soul' 2008)


11. Hello It's Me - Mary J. Blige

(taken from the Geffen Records album 'Growing Pains' 2008)


12. Today Will Soon Be Yesterday - Dionyza

(taken from the Little Dizzy Records album 'Dionyza' 2008)


13. First Kiss - Chante Moore

(taken from the Peak Records album 'Love The Woman' 2008)


14. Overnight Success - Angie Whitney

(taken from the Little Dizzy Records album 'That's What Love Is All About' 2008)


15. Come Down In Time - Kenny Lattimore

(taken from the Verve Records album 'Timeless' 2008)


16. Without Love - Nikka Costa

(taken from the Stax Records album 'Pebble To A Pearl' 2008)


17. Tonight - Peo Feat. Mirjam

(taken from a Sundae Soul Records 45 2008)


18. I Don't Wanna Stop - The Bamboo's

(taken from a Tru Thoughts Records CD 'Rawville' 2008)


19. Thank You Lord - Sir Wick

(taken from the CD Baby/Sir Wick album 'An Interpretation Of A Universal Language' 2008)


20. I'm In Love - The Isley Brothers

(taken from the Def Jam Records album 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' 2007)






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Chrisette MicheleChaka KhanAngie Stone


YouTube 1. best of me - chrisette michele (Taken From The Album 'I Am' on Def Jam Records 2007)


2. one for all time - chaka khan (Taken From The Album 'Funk This' on Strategic Marketing Records 2007)


3. happy being me - angie stone (Album version taken From The Album 'The Art Of Love And War' on Stax Records 2007)


4. the last time i'm saying goodbye - the embers (Taken From The Forthcoming Album 'The Show Must Go On' on Lucky Break Music 2007)


5. this is what you are - mario biondi (Album version taken From The Album 'Handful Of Soul' on Schema Records 2007)


6. true friend - tuomo (Taken From The Album 'My Thing' on Jupiter Brother Records 2007)


7. get to know you - ledisi (Taken From The Album 'Lost and Found' on Verve Records 2007)

8. had to have you - phillip manuel (Taken From The Album 'Phillip Manuel' on Phillip Manuel Records 2007)


9. all into you - leroy burgess (Taken From The Album 'Throwback -H arlem 79-83' on Soul Brother Records 2007)


10. hello stranger - ebony alleyne (Taken From The Album 'Never Look Back' on Expansion Records 2007)


11. if I were you - donnie (Taken From The Album 'Daily News' on Dome Records 2007)


12. superwoman (where were you when i needed you) - 4hero (Taken From The Album 'Play With The Changes' on Milan Records 2007)


13. slip away - eddie and gerald levert (Taken From The Album 'Something To Talk About' on WEA Atlantic Records 2007)


14. ten minutes - karl frierson (Taken From The Album 'Soulprint' on New Format Recordings 2007)


15. sudden moves - rosie gaines (Taken From The Album 'Welcome To My World' on SuSu Records 2006-7)


16. zoom - maysa (Taken From The Album 'Feel The Fire' on Shanachie Records 2007)


17. never knew - adriana evans (Taken From The Album 'El Camino' on Expansion Records 2007)


18. can't hide love - randy watson experience (Taken From The Album 'Interpretations' on Stax Records 2007)


19. caught in the middle - o'bryan (Taken From The Album 'F1rst' on Headfirst Records 2007)


20. close the door - lamont dozier (Taken From The Compilation Album 'A Soulful Tale Of Two Cities' on Soul Rennaisance Records 2007)






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Atlantic UnearthedAnthony HamiltonEliane Elias


YouTube 1. what a woman really means - donny hathaway (Taken From The Album 'Various Atlantic Unearthed Soul Brothers on Atlantic Records 2006)


2. change your world - anthony hamilton (Taken From The Album 'Ain't Nobody Worryin' On Sony / BMG Records 2006)


3. jammin - eliane elias (Taken From The Album 'Around The City' on Sony Records 2006)


4. what does your heart say - ty stephens (Taken From The Album 'Aquarian Mind' on 2006)


5. miss lady - mike avery (Taken From The Album 'Destination Love' 2006)


6. cruise control - teena marie (Taken From The Album 'Sapphire' on Universal Records 2006)


7. honey, honey - gwen mccrae (Taken From The Album 'Gwen McCrae Sings TK' On Henry Stone Music Inc 2006)


8. i sing this song for you - the whispers (Taken From The Album 'For Your Ears Only' On Satin Tie Records 2006)


9. only in my dreams - frank mccomb (Taken From The Album 'The 1995 Bootleg' On FMcComb Music Records 2006)


10. heaven - brown's bag (Taken From The Album 'Labor Of Love' On Bush Man EntertainmentRecords 2005)


11. heart of mine - will downing (Taken From The Album 'Soul Symphony' on GRP Records 2005)


12. why - kirk franklin (Taken From The Album 'Hero' on Zomba Records 2005)


13. hole in my heart - van hunt (Taken From The Album 'On The Jungle Floor' on EMI Records 2006)


14. u don't want my love - donald mccollum (Taken From The Album 'U Don't Want My Love' on Dome Records 2006)


15. my favourite things - anita baker (Taken From The Album 'Christmas Fantasy' on Blue Note Records 2005)


16. sister, sister - sparlha swa (Taken From The Album 'In The Distance' on Records 2005)


17. subway love game - karen bernod (Taken From The Album 'Life @ 360 Degrees' on Dome Records 2005)


18. so in love - lonnie hill (Taken From The Album 'Back On The Scene' on Hills Hideaway Music 2006)


19. him - kenny thomas (Taken From The Album 'Crazy World' on Curb Records 2006)


20. your love is mine - corrinne bailey rae (Taken From The Album 'Underground Soul' on Expansion Records 2006)






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Stevie WonderMartha RedboneFrank McComb


YouTube 1. moon blue - stevie wonder (Taken From The Album 'A Time To Love' On Motown Records 2005)


2. sweetest somebody i know - stevie wonder (Taken From The Album 'A Time To Love' On Motown Records 2005)


3. children of love - martha redbone (Taken From The Album 'Skintalk' On GirlCanWriteSongs / WhitTunes 2004)


4. still has a hold on me - frank mccomb (Taken From The Album 'Straight From The Vault' On FMCComb Music 2004)


5. i'm confessin' - lizz wright (Taken From the album 'Dreamin' Wide Awake' on Verve Records 2005)


6. fly away - p.j. morton (Taken From The Album 'Emotions' On 2 P.M. Records 2005)


7. practise makes perfect - latoya london (Taken From The Album 'Love & Life' On Peak Records 2005)


8. beach music - the embers (Taken From The Album 'Beach Music Super Collaboration Album' On Bluewater Recordings 2004)


9. i only want you - janita (Taken From The Album 'Seasons Of Life' On Ofir Records 2005)


10. one wish - brigette (Taken From The Album 'Starlite Lounge' On Expansion Records 2005)


11. to be with you - jon lucien (Taken From The Album 'Love Pages' On Cafe Soul Allstars Records 2005)


12. invitation - trei (Taken From The Album 'This Is Me' On Inline Entertainment Records 2005)


13. the things that you do - frank mccomb (Taken From The Album 'Straight From The Vault' On FMCComb Music 2004)


14. gilding the lilly - kevin chandler band (Taken From The Album 'The Chicago Soul Sessions' On Listen Up Records 2004)


15. thinking bout the way - the chapter (Taken From The Album 'The Return Of Real Soul' on D Reel Productions 2005)


16. all i ever wanted was you - the embers (Taken From The Album 'Beach Music Super Collaboration Album' On Bluewater Recordings 2004)


17. hard times - queen latifah (Taken From The Album 'The Dana Owens Project' On Interscope Records 2004)


18. walter lee - the tim terry experience (Taken From The Album 'The Tim Terry Experience' On Soul Street Records 2004)


19. this is what you are - wasabee (Taken From A 12" Single On Schema Records 2004)


20. woman's gotta have it - tim jackson (Taken From The Album 'Next Of Kin' On Soulcolloquy Records 2005)


this is purely a personal selection of tracks i would really recommend this year....hope you enjoy these tunes as much as i do!






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Carl ThomasSwing Out SisterLalah Hathaway


YouTube 1. dreamer - carl thomas (Taken From The Album 'Let's Talk About It' on Bad Boy Records 2004)


2. let the stars shine - swing out sister (Taken From The Album 'Where Our Love Grows' on Universal Records 2004)


3. boston - lalah hathaway (Taken From The Album 'Outrun The Sky' on Pyramid Records 2004)


4. can't help but say - tim dillinger (Taken From The Album 'Love Is On My Mind' on Icons Pen Media 2004)


5. nobody (steppers remix) - michael sutton (Taken From a forthcoming Single on Little Dizzy Records 2004)


6. over and over again - kalvin bishop (Taken From The Album 'Do What I Gotta Do' on Mokah Records 2003)


7. let's dance - vick allen (Taken From The Album 'Old School...New Flava' on Waldoxy Records 2003)


8. soultown - ola onabule (Taken From The Album 'In Emergency, Brake Silence' on Rugged Ram Records 2003)


9. beautiful to me - will downing (Taken From The Album 'Emotions' on GRP Records 2004)


10. what i see in you - gwendolyn joy (Taken From The Album 'New Soul Heaven' on Expansion Records 2004)


11. hey girl - new birth (Taken From The Album 'Lifetime' on Stonehurst Records 2004)


12. hit me where i live - teena marie (Taken From The Album 'La Dona' on Cash Money Records 2004)


13. little boy blue - sheree brown (Taken From The Album '83' on Brown Baby Entertainment Group Records 2004)


14. what can i say ( for millicent) - van hunt (Taken From The Album 'Van Hunt' on Capitol Records 2004)


15. imagination - the o'jays (Taken From the album 'Imagination' on Sanctuary Records 2004)


16. in you - stars on broadway (Taken From The Album 'Never Untrue' on Love Beams 2004)


17. keep steppin' - willie clayton (Taken From The Album 'Changing Tha Game' on Endzone Records 2004)


18. something about you - daniel austin (Taken From The Album 'Confidence In You' on SoulSpace Records 2004)


19. true light - original soulboy featuring jo hall (Taken From An Unreleased Album On Original Soulboy Records 2004)


20. love is alive in my heart - andy lewis featuring keni burke (Taken From A Single On Acid Jazz Records 2003)






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Israel & New BreedAyanna GregoryNew Lost Generation


YouTube 1. real - israel and new breed (Taken From The Album 'Real' on Integrity Records 2003)


2. far away - ayanna gregory (Taken From The Album 'Beautiful Flower' on New Moon Recordings Records 2003)


3. thinkin' bout cha - the new lost generation (Taken From The Album 'The New Lost Generation' on The New Lost Generation Records 2003)


4. travellin' on - the chestnut brothers (Taken From The Album 'Peace Suite' on Abdent Records 2003)


5. soul survivors - original soulboy featuring tashan (Taken From A Forthcoming 12" Single On Original Soulboy Records 2003)


6. where do we go from here? - earth, wind & fire (Taken From The Album 'I Promise' on Kalimba Records 2003)


7. when will things change? - impromp2 (Taken From The Album 'The Definition Of Love' on Big 3 Records 2003)


8. think about you - luther vandross (Taken From The Album 'Dance With My Father' on J Records 2003)


9. the dream - jarrard anthony (Taken From The Album 'Don't Sleep - Just Dream' on JAP Music Records 2003)


10. far away - kindred the family soul (Taken From The Album 'Surrender To Love' on Hidden Beach Records 2003)


11. when i see love - lizz fields (Taken From The Album 'Organic Soul 3' on Soul Brother Records 2003)


12. see you in my dreams - deborah bond (Taken From The Album 'Day After' on DB Records 2003)


13. leora - james aldridge (Taken From The Album 'Close Your Eyes' on LFP Records 2000)


14. could've done it better - tower of power (Taken From The Album 'The Oakland Zone' On OR Music Records 2003)


15. inspiration - marlon saunders (Taken From The Album 'Enter My Mind' on Black Honey Records 2003)


16. in the mood - dennis taylor (Taken From The Album 'In The Mood' On Dome Records 2003)


17. crazy world - kenny thomas (Taken From A 12" Single On sUsU Records 2003)


18. step in the name of love (remix) - r kelly (Taken From The Album 'Chocolate Factory' on Jive Records 2003)


19. i want you - marc vanclaggett (Taken From The Album 'I Want You' on Marlex Records 2003)


20. eternity - lizz wright (Taken From The Album 'Salt' on Verve Records 2003)






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Michael FrantiTashanMichael B. Sutton


YouTube 1. every single soul - michael franti & spearhead (Taken From The Album 'Stay Human' on Parlophone Records 2001)


2. after hours - tashan (Taken From The Album 'Life Goez On' on Powerkingdom Records 2002)


3. nobody - michael b. sutton (Taken From The Album ''Hopeless Romantic' on Little Dizzy Records 2002)


4. rocketship - donnie (Taken From The Album 'The Colored Section' on Giant Step Records 2002)


5. fever - III frum tha soul (Taken From The Album 'III From Tha Soul' on BMG/Japan Records 1999, bought this year)


6. can't outlove this love - cynthia biggs featuring sharon bryant (Taken From The Album 'The Cynthia Biggs Project' On First Experience Records 2002)


7. pieces - hil st. soul (Taken From The Album 'Hil St. Soul' on Dome Records 2002)


8. a case of too much lovemakin' - paprika soul (Taken From The Album 'Into The Light' on Bassline Records 2002)


9. don't change - musiq (Taken From The Album 'Juslisen' on Def SoulRecords 2002)


10. harambee - helen baylor (Taken From The Album 'My Everything' on Diadem Records 2002)


11. one world undivided - blaze (Take the album 'Spiritually, Speaking' on Slip N'Slide Records 2002)


12. the way i feel - remy shand (Taken From The Album 'The Way I Feel' On Motown Records 2002)


13. summer sun - koop (Taken From The Album 'Waltz For Koop' on Jazanova Compost Records 2002)


14. i challenge you - brenda hillman (Taken From The Album 'Paper Boat' On Expansion Records 2002)


15. is it drippin' on yourself - leon ware (Taken From The Forthcoming Album 'Love's Drippin' 2002)


16. brazilian magic - kathleen bertrand (Taken From The Album 'No Regrets' on Gold Circle Records 2002)


17. revelations (better than b4) - tiffany laing (Taken From The Album 'The Naked Truth' on Twelve Tribes Musical Empire Records 2002)


18. if you ever - kloud 9 (Taken From The Album 'On Kloud 9' on Expansion Records 2002)


19. skyy, can you feel me? - raphael saadiq (Taken From The Album 'Instant Vintage' on Universal Records 2002)


20. i am love - pamela williams (featuring teena marie) (Taken From The Album 'Evolution' on Red Ink Records 2002)






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T.C. CarsonJanitaSBPR


YouTube 1. waiting for you/this time- t.c. carson (from cd 'truth' on ATC Records 2001)


2. angel eyes - janita (from CD 'I'll Be Fine' on Reel Art Records 2001)


3. walking in central park - sbpr sisters being positively real (from cd 'Beautiful Woman - The Album' BBEG 2001)


4. i found love (on a lonely highway) - jeff floyd (from CD 'Powerhouse' on Wilbe Records 2001)


5. holding out - sandra st. victor (from CD 'Gemini - Both Sides' on Expansion 2001)


6. joy - howard hewett (from cd 'the journey' sony 2001)


7. innocence / gold rivers - saundra williams (from cd 'Bless The Day' on Groov-A-Toon 2001)


8. do you know? - donnie (from a 7" single on Giant Step Records 2001)


9. for all the ladies - lade bac (from cd 'For All The Ladies' on Clatown Records 2001)


10. oh, oh, oh - lenny williams (from the album 'Love Therapy' on Volt 2000)


11. could you favourite girl - andre de lang (from cd 'educate your soul')


12. sonny's prayer - jeff majors (feat. MFSB) (from the album 'Sacred 2000' on Music One Records)


13. spirit jam - james 'd-train' williams (from cd '701 Franklin Avenue' on Diesel Music)


14. fortune - vaneese thomas (from the album 'Talk Me Down' on Unleashthe80's Records 2001)


15. weekend - kenny lattimore (from the Arista 12" single 2001)


16. will you be there? - shabazz (from the CD 'Better Day' on FER Records 2001)


17. in my dream - chris jasper (from the album 'Faithful And True' on Gold City 2001)


18. you'll never know - phil perry (taken from the CD 'Magic' on Peak Records 2001)


19. won't let you do that to me - main ingredient (from cd 'Pure Magic' on Magnatar Records 2001)


20. why don't you why don't i? - eric gadd (from cd 'eric gadd' japanese sony)






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Tommy SimsDennis TaylorPhat Cat Players




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more 2000's...




so what the fuss - stevie wonder (Taken From A Forthcoming Motown Album 2005)


nine eleven - lori perry (Taken From The Album 'Wrote This Song' On The Orchard Records 2004)


taste - rick james (Taken From The Album 'Soul Togetherness 2004' on Expansion Records 2004)


dreamin' of one - trina broussard (Taken From the album 'Same Girl' on Motown Records 2004)


whole man - george benson (Taken From The Album 'Irreplaceable' on GRP Records 2004)


here i am - ronald isley and burt bacharach (Taken From The Album 'Here I Am' on Dreamworks Records 2003)


family reunion - jill scott (Taken From The Album 'Beautifully Human' on Hidden Beach Records 2004)


you're gonna get it - angie stone (Taken From The Album 'Stone Love' on J Records 2004)


everything we hope for - tashan with fly by nature (Taken From an unreleased album. This is a five track sampler. Words by Tashan, music by Roy Williamson)


make it through the night - alyson williams (Taken From The Album 'It's About Time' on Expansion Records 2004)


remember love - adriana evans (Taken From The Album 'Nomadic' on Buzztone Records 2004)


life in the city (really turns me on) - the jazz crusaders feat. jean carne (Taken From The Album 'Soul Axess' on True Life Entertainment Records 2004)


come back tonight - billy jones (Taken From The Album 'Prime Suspect For The Blues' on Cyborg -Blue Recordings 2004)


if i ain't got you - alicia keys (Taken From The Album 'Diary Of Alicia Keys' on J Records 2003)


in love with a stranger - ebonye alleyne (Taken From An Unreleased Album On Sony Records 2003)


cupid's arrow - frank mccomb (Taken From The Album 'The Truth' on Expansion Records 2003)


keep on going - vivian green (Taken From The Album 'Life Story' on Sony Records 2002)


she gave up (on our love) - chuck mills (Taken From The Album 'Thank You' on Chas Charm Records 2002)


the one - miguel migs (Taken From The Album 'Colorful You' on Maked Music Records 2002)


it really doesn't matter - johnson & branson (Taken From The Album 'Packed & Waitin'' on Soul Japan Records 2002)


heartbreak time - hall and oates (Taken From The Album 'Do It For Love' on U Watch Records 2003)


saveur - leon ware (Taken From The Album 'Love's Drippin' on Kitchen Records 2003)


i don't know - john knight (Taken From The Album 'In The Beauty Of Holiness' on ChurchHouse Records 2002)


living for you - lamar thomas (Taken From The Album 'No Dreams Today' on Thomtay Records 2003)


happy 'bout that - tower of power (Taken From The Album 'The Oakland Zone' On OR Music Records 2003)


rocketship - donnie (version) (Taken From The Vinyl Album 'The Colored Section' - Longer Version 2002)


sing the song - the crusaders (Taken From The Album 'Rural Renewal' on Verve Records 2003)


rock your body - willie hutch (Taken From The Album 'Sexalicious' on GGIT 2002)


takin it from the top - felton pilate (Taken From The Album 'Nothin' But Love Spoken Here' on Felton Pilate's own label 2002)


cloud nine - donnie (Taken From The Album 'The Colored Section' on Giant Step Records 2002)


every time - glenn jones (Taken From The Album 'Feels Good' on Peak Records 2002)


little thing - india arie (Taken From The Album 'Voyage To India' on Motown Records 2002)


running around - terry callier (Taken From The Album 'Speak Your Peace' on Mr Bongo Records 2002)


she's so beautiful - cornell stone (Taken From The Album 'Stoned' on Reverley Records 2002)


out of the blue - maysa (Taken From The Album 'Out Of The Blue' on N Coded Records 2002)


canvas of life - joye b. moore (Taken From The Album 'Project Butterfly' on Soul Japan Records 2002)


can't go back - peggi blu (Taken From The Album 'Livin' On Love' on Expansion Records 2002)


freedom - fertile ground (Taken From The Album 'Seasons Change' on Counterpoint Records 2002)


this love - glenn lewis (Taken From The Album 'World Outside My Window' on Sony Entertainment Records 2002)


closer - ola onabule (Taken From The Album 'Ambitions For Deeper Breadth' on Rugged Ram Records 2002)


stay - jaguar wright (Taken From The Album 'Denials, Delusions and Decisions' on MCA 2002)


look inside - the dramatics (Taken From The Album 'Look Inside' on NCI Records 2002)


sweetest thing - randy crawford (Taken From The Album 'Permanent' on Warner Brothers Records 2002)


day dreamer - n'dambi (Taken From The Album 'Tunin' Up And Cosignin' om Cheeky-i Records 2001)


my house - g.c. cameron (Taken From The Album 'Shadows' on Dequajacc Records 2002)


photographs - jody watley (Taken From The Album 'Midnight Lounge' on Japanese UniversalRecords 2002)


land of the free - ledisi (Taken From The Album 'Feeling Orange, But Sometimes Blue' on LeSun Music 2002)


seasons - ann nesby (Taken From The Album 'Put It On Paper' on It's Time Child Records 2002)


this is the end of a love affair - carmen lundy (Taken From The Album 'This Is Carmen Lundy' on Justin Time Records 2001)


love is you - yahzarah (Taken From The Album 'Hear Me' on Keo Music 2001


brotha - angie stone (from the album 'Mahogany Soul on J Records 2001)


video - india arie (from cd 'Acoustic Soul' on Uptown/Universal 2001)


butterflies - michael jackson (from the album 'Invincible' on Epic Records 2001)


snowflakes - angie stone (from the album 'Mahogany Soul on J Records 2001)


come to me - kenny lattimore (from the CD 'Weekend' on Arista Records 2001)


life is just a dance - t.c. carson (from cd 'truth' on ATC Records 2001)


this woman's work - maxwell (from the album 'Now' on Sony Records 2001)


worlds collide - incognito (taken from the CD 'Life, Stranger Than Fiction' on Talking Loud 2001)


steppin - dennis taylor (from the album 'Unconditional' on Dome Records 2001)


deeper love - ali ollie woodson (from the album 'Right Here All Along' on Expansion Records 2001)


lifetime - maxwell (tim easton & jez colin mix) (from the album 'Now' on Sony Records 2001)


i wish i didn't miss you anymore - angie stone (from the album 'Mahogany Soul on J Records 2001)


what can i say? - patti austin (from the album 'On The Way To Love' on Warner Brothers 2001)


girlfriend - patti austin (from the album 'On The Way To Love' on Warner Brothers 2001)


you're all i need - the isley brothers (from the album 'Eternal' on Dreamworks Records 2001)


keep that same old feelin' - jeff lorber (from the album 'Kickin' It' on Samson Music 2001)


grown thangs - luther vandross (from the album 'Luther Vandross' on J Records 2001)


times keep rolling on - lonnie hill (from cd 'no games')


brown skin - india arie (from cd 'Acoustic Soul' on Uptown/Universal 2001)


let go - leon ware (from the album 'Candlelight' on Expansion Records 2001)


always in my head - india arie (from cd 'Acoustic Soul' on Uptown/Universal 2001)


everyday - darwin hobbs (from cd 'vertical')


until we meet again - nathan heathman (taken from the CD 'Right Here, Right Now' on Expansion 2001)


float on with us - full force (from 12" import single on TVT Records 2001)


testify - dianne reeves (taken from the CD 'In The Moment' on Blue Note 2000)


space rider - shaun escoffrey (from cd single on Oyster Music)


heard it all before - sunshine anderson (from U.S. Soul Life 12" import single 2001)


darlin' - bob sinclair feat. james 'd-train' williams (from cd 'champs elysees')


love don't love me - eric benet (from Warner Brothers soundtrack cd)


it don't matter to the sun - tommy sims (from cd 'peace and love' 2000)


enough is enough - dennis taylor (from 'Enough Is Enough' 2000)


lovers rock - sade (from the CD 'Lover's Rock' 2000)


more than love- derick hughes (from the CD 'All For Love' 2000)


after party - koffee brown (from Arista 12" 2000)


gently - toshi kubota (from CD 'Nothing But Your Love' 2000)


he'll never love you - mike logan (from EP 2000)


the girl next door - musiq soulchild (from CD 'Aijuswanasing' 2000)


times keep rolling on - lonnie hill (from CD 'No Games' Hills Hideaway Music 2001)


waiting for you - t.c. carson (from the CD 'Truth' ATC Records 2000)


i got a good man - sbpr sisters being positively real (from cd 'Beautiful Woman - The Album' BBEG 2001)






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