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This page I have cut and pasted from the Opinion Page at the site. Nice image of Dave Godin's old London Store from back in the day above. I wanted to have a corner of the site that labels and stores, relating to all area's of Black Music, might have their space and help you guys find that 'impossible to find' tune. Here goes.... Firstly, this site is the best place to start regarding anything musically. GEMM are an unusual website in as much as they gather retailers from all over the globe. Do check the other retailers as well. What one store doesn't have, another might. I'll keep this page updated, so good hunting.... is my youtube channel, if you want a few suggestions....


Soulwalking Channel

At least twice a day, I get an e-mail, from a soul fan somewhere in the world, asking after a record and where it might be found. From time to time, the request is to identify a track. Sometimes I can help, sometimes not, however I do try to 'shoot my best shot', so to speak. The larger percentage of requests are, usually, where to find a tune. Now, I live in London, and I guess that, wherever you are in the world, you will already have tracked down the best retailer in your neighbourhood. What I wanted to try to do, here, is start with record retailers in London, which may be useful for people in other parts of the world who visit our Capital and then move on to web retailers.




In my mind, the best 'real soul' retailers, based in the U.K., are Soul Brother Records in East Putney and Crazy Beat (run by Gary Dennis). Both of these outlets supply all of the mainstream releases, however, they both import independents. Both shops have sites at: and respectively.


Soul Brother Records



Soul Brother Records (in London) are the main outlet where I pick up the current tunes around. They know their stuff and stock many rareties. Don't take my word for it. Check out their site (click on the banner above).


Crazy Beat RecordsM2F


Dome RecordsExpansion Records


Soul and Funk Groove


Groove Control




John Manship


If you are in the centre of town, just off Oxford Street in London, you may want visit Reckless Records in Berwick Street. They have, recently, separated the genre's of music into different branches leaving this one specialising in various forms of Black Music. It can be a little 'hit or miss' as to what you might find there, however the place is well worth a visit as there are many 'rare grooves' that may 'satisfy your needs'. Their URL is:


Reckless Records


Soul Bowl


Soul 101


Buy CD


Love Vinyl


Southern Soul


Union Square


R & B Records


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Other points of contact that are worth visiting are:

Craig Moerer


(great and reliable retailer)


Global Groove


• Music Collector


• Collectables Records


• Vintage Vinyl


• Ace Records


Ace Records


(marvellous label)


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• Dusty Grooves


• David Nathan's Soul Music Store


• Voices From The Shadows


• Amazon


• First Experience Records (Cynthia Biggs etc)


• John Manship - The Rare Soul Man


• Rare Soul Vinyl


• Beggars Banquet Records U.K.


• Far West Records (Japanese Re-Issues)


• Funk Is Here


• BlackMusicFinder


• Retro Vinyl


• Soul Funk Records


• Busstop Records


• Random Records


• Bang Bang Records


• Laughing


• Global Groove


All Music Shop


CD Genius


If you have a web soul store that you would recommend, pleae let me know and I will add the place here. Please don't e-mail labels or artists. I would like to keep these links purely for record hunters. Thank you in anticipation.


I also get enquiries regarding sheet music. Do check this website:


The Music Room


Sheet Music Plus


For CD and DVD music duplication for an artist or label, check this site:


Disc Wizards


For CD duplication


Community Musician


For Lyrics, check these sites:




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