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Eric LeBlancEric LeBlanc


When anyone sets up a website, which to all intents and purposes, is an informational database, contacts who can help with information are like gold dust. Soulwalking was intitially set up as a review website. When the reviews became accompanied by resumé's, then obituaries become part and parcel of the whole. Having 'touchstones' are one thing, however, when you know that there are folks out there, looking over your shoulder (with information at hand), they become essential cogs in the overall machine.


With obituaries, I was fortunate enough to have two people I could call on, who could help me out, when I was at a literary cul-de-sac. The first of these guys is the gentleman above. His name is Eric LeBlanc. The second of these two terrific people is a guy called Charlie, who runs his own obituary website called the


Charlie e-mailed me this morning, asking me when I had last heard from Eric. The last e-mail here arrived in July last year. Eric was often busy in other area's in his life, so I did not trouble him unless I was really stuck. He invariably came up with an answer or two, so anytime I had anything I thought I could help him with, I did so. Charlie, sadly, told me that Eric had passed away last year, so I thought I would remember this unsung hero, at this website.


His obituary stated:


'It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Eric Stephen LeBlanc. Eric died peacefully in Victoria hospice in the early hours of Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015. Eric was born on March 19,1946, in St. John, New Brunswick, U.S.A.'


further information regarding Eric:


radio shows:




In recent years, Eric told me he was in the process of finishing off a book, which was published in 2013. This is the book:


Eric LeBlanc


He e-mailed me:


Eric LeBlanc


'Hi Toby, It's been awhile. Finally finished the ABC-CLIO book which should be out in May 2013. I've attached updated data.

All the best in 2013!

HAND (Have A Nice Day)! eRIC'


I found Eric to be a very polite, intelligent and courteous man. Charlie and I will have to dig a little deeper ourselves, as folks like Eric LeBlanc do not come along very often.


Eric LeBlanc


My thoughts are with this talented man's family. His legacy lives on within his writings.


Eric LeBlanc


b. 19th March 1946, St. John, New Brunswick, U.S.A.


d. 2nd September 2015, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.



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