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This page contains playlists from a large cassette collection here (which amounts to around 400 tapes). Most of these were recorded in the late eighties (before the CD player and recorder arrived). Many are old radio shows, interviews with politicians, as well as individual artist compilations.


My YouTube blurb reads:


'I used to spend Saturday afternoons, back in the Eighties, making cassettes to listen to whilst I was at work in Central London. Had a Walkman, so they were listened to whilst commuting as well. Never bought poor quality tapes, so these are still very listenable. Folks in the offices used to borrow these from me to listen to whilst they were working in their departments. These were records I had, either bought in the past, or new ones from that era. I used to (and still do) buy records. For me they never went away, so are always 'new'. This is Side 1 from this particular collection. If the feedback is good, I'll put up a few other sides (including side 2). Hopefully, you might be inspired to go and pick up a tune or two by these fine artists, in real vinyl. Nothing really hard to find, just whatever sounded great in our house...thanks for listening....'


As with anything musical posted on YouTube, it is purely guesswork as to which individual track is acceptable, and which not at their site. Many songs are absolutely fine to post (provided you own the original material you are posting), however, every country in the World have their own rules (regarding individual songs), and it is only after the track has been posted, you know whether you have trodden on any toes or not. Anything offensive to anyone, I simply delete the file from my YouTube channel. I earn nothing from these postings, by the way.


Each side runs for 45 minutes, aren't full of impossible to find tracks, and I hope you like these as much as I did back at the time, and still do....


real class - side one ↓




real class - side two ↓




blinders 1! - side one ↓




blinders 1! - side two ↓



blinders 2! - side one ↓



blinders 3! - side one ↓





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